About Maia Brown

Who is The Chic Brown Chick? Maia Brown, a 16 year old student, was born in California and moved to the East Coast. At a very young age she realized what she wanted to do in life- work in the fashion industry. Ever since her little hands could grasp onto the glossy pages of Vogue, she’s pursued this passion. The idea for her website came when friends and family alike would look up to her for the latest style secrets & advice. So she got to work and started a blog, learning the ropes on her own and figuring out how to make her mark on the fashion world. Since the start of her blog, the website has progressed and grown a following, but it’s still improving and ever changing much like fashion itself. A freelance fashion writer, she writes for the Style Beat column in The Capital Style Magazine owned by the Baltimore Sun. Her ambition and love for style has driven her to where she is and where she would like to be. 

To contact Maia Brown email her at maiabrownofficial@gmail.com or follow her on Instagram @maiaxbrown


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