The mini skirt- known for its fun design and colorful history- is typically worn for times full of warm weather and sunshine. From the swinging 60s to Twiggy’s classic style it’s known that this mod design is made for the limelight. As it starts getting colder outside and you start putting some of your fun summer trends to rest, be sure to keep out your mini skirt. In today’s article we show you how to skirt the rules a bit and make that mini last all winter long.

Mini Skirt sold at Zara

There’s numerous ways to save your legs from the chill while still looking chic. One of the easiest ways is to pull on a pair of high socks. They’ll keep your feet cozy and will adorn your boots perfectly. Choose a simple pair to match any outfit or go for ones with embroiderment to give your look more personality. 

Socks & skirt from unknown
Wool is the ideal material when searching for the best socks. It absorbs moisture which is perfect for walks in the snow. This means it’ll keep your feet dry as well as warm.

Hailey Baldwin wearing thigh-high boots
Take it to the next level with a pair of sky-high boots. Worn either at the knee or thigh, high boots are a simple solution to covering up your legs from the cold. All you’ve got to do is slip them on for instant style. They also have the power to make your legs look longer, which balances out with the petite form of the mini skirt.

Boots by Saint Laurent, skirt by Madewell

The top material picks for Fall are suede and velvet. Wear suede for everyday outfits and dress up your look with luxe velvet.

Skirt sold at H&M

Go all the way with a pair of good tights. Wearing tights is the original and most effective way to bundle up when dressing in a skirt, tunic, or dress. 

Sweater tights by Vera Wang, skirt unknown

Depending on your climate; sweater socks as shown above are perfect for the frost and fishnets or sheer patterned tights are fun for spots with warmer weather.
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