Eat Your Veggies

When we were little our parents scorned us for leaving our greens on the side of our plate. From Popeye’s love for spinach to the kale craze, it’s known that they can pack a punch full of power. Although they might not be the most appealing to some people’s palates, blending them into your beauty routine is one of the best recipes. With a mighty mix of antioxidants and numerous vitamins, green vegetables are the latest vanity MVP. It’s time to toss out those chemically made products and get down and dirty with these mean and clean greens.

CUCUMBER: Full of water, cucumber will help your face feel happy & hydrated. With cooling agents, it reduces swelling which is especially beneficial for your eyes. Cucumber shares the same levels of hydrogen as your skin, making it ideal for treating numerous skin problems while keeping it soft and supple. It also helps nourish sunburns and speeds up the healing process so you can spend your Summer with comfort.

KALE: Everyone is talking about kale and it’s for a good reason. This nutritious powerhouse is full of Vitamin C. It helps your skin keep its elasticity and has you looking younger, longer. It has a high amount of the miracle mineral Copper. Copper helps the synthesis of melanin which helps protect your skin from the sun and has anti-inflammatory benefits.

AVOCADO: Ditch the toast and try smearing some avocado onto your skin or into your hair. With Vitamin E, avocado works as a moisturizer its oils have the same benefits as olive oil. Although it is on the more expensive side, avocado offers you more for your money. If you struggle with frizzy hair use avocado to help tame your mane. This is especially beneficial as we get into Summer and the lovely humidity that comes along with it. It also helps treat acne by reducing redness and puffiness. If you have any serious skin issues such as eczema or psoriasis, the fatty acids in avocado can help smooth out your skin and get rid of wrinkles as well.


For more questions or info on how greens can help you in the beauty department email us at! Stay Chic


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