Braid-y Bunch

When it comes to controlling your hair, the task might be more challenging than others. Too frizzy, too flat, or maybe you over slept? No matter your debacle, today’s article features some runway hair inspiration that’ll help you manage your mane in a twist! 

Curly, wavy, straight; braids can be styled for any hair texture. Not only do they keep it back, but they also look great while doing so.


These braids mixed with Twiggy-style lashes create a fun retro look at the Baja East show.


Milk-maid braids take an unexpected twist at the Herve Leger show.

Elevate your braided crown with this boho look from the Rachel Zoe show.

  The lob style, a celeb favorite, looks great down but even better in this French style braid. This was seen behind the scenes of PopSugar Beauty. 

It’s a party in the back with this top knotch look. Simply braid your strands in the back and gather your hair into your typical “messy bun”. (Photo via Byrdie Beauty)
What’s your go-to braid? Comment below!

Stay Chic 😉


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