Hop to It

Happy Easter!  On this hoppy day, between all of the festivities, it’s always fun to dress for the occasion. Today’s article features some ways to get in the holiday spirit while having sweet style. Trust me, they’re totally to dye for.

Some Bunny Loves you:


Channel the Easter bunny by tying a bandana or wrap in your hair. Pull the two ends tightly and style them so it looks like you have rabbit ears!

Pretty in Pastels:


While painting your eggs why not pick up a brush and paint your nails? Give yourself a pastel mani and you’ll be just as cute as your decor!

Flower Power:

In the midst of Spring, carry a subtle floral bag. It’s like a beautiful bouquet but lasts much longer and looks just as great.

Candy Coated:

If you’re not one for bright colors, try coating your lips in neutral shades like a chocolate bunny . This way you’ll still maintain your own sense of style while getting in on the holiday fun.

What’s an Easter tradition you have? Share below! 

Stay Chic ☆


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