iSpy Style

With the start of New York Fashion Week, you might be in shock with the overflow of style. But today’s post will show you the easiest ways to get the inside scoop, all from the comfort of your own phone.

By following your favorite fashion brands and makeup artists you can see snip bits of behind-the-scenes of their shows. With the accessibility that the app has, it’s the easiest and quickest way to stay updated on all the trends right this minute. Some of my favorites are Bobbi Brown @BobbiBrownSnaps & Vogue Magazine @VogueMagazine. Snapchat also has a collective story that includes snaps from various people at the events and shows.

Instagram might not be the quickest way, but it does offer high quality photos from the brands, designers, and especially the photographers. These pros snap the most beautiful and detailed pictures to help you feel like you’re actually there! Some great photographers to follow are @katpage, @serichaitraipoom, @cibellelevi, & @kevintachman


The NYFW App (available in most app stores) is the exclusive guide to Fashion Week. With schedules and special content this app makes it easy for you to track the trends with little effort.


Sometimes good old email does the job! By signing up for email updates from your favorite brands, you can get alerts of when their shows are live and the background info of their collections and what their inspiration is.

What shows are you looking forward to the most and what are your favorites so far? Comment below of join the conversation on Instagram @thechicbrownchick!

More updates soon to come! Stay chic 😉



[Cover photo from @nyfw on Instagram]


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