Game Day Gorgeous

 Tonight is the annual Super Bowl! It’s a time when we all gear up and sit down to see two football teams go head-to-head. This year the Carolina Panthers will face the Denver Broncos. But in the end, no matter who wins, today’s post will give you some beauty looks inspired by this game that will have you bringing home the trophy. 

For the Panther fans out there, I suggest a colorful cat eye with your team’s colors. For a smooth and pigmented line try using Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner in Ody(sea) & Touch in Sol Stye Neon Super Proof Gel Liner in #4 Astral Ice. This look will have your eyes saying pow and your team spirit saying meow!

If you are a wild fan of the Broncos and get riled up when cheering, I recommend a look that’ll keep your hair out of your face and still looking fabulous. Bobby pin art is a fun way to accomplish this! Simply pull pieces of your hair back and secure them with Bobby pins in different designs, for example try arranging them like the picture below or in a diamond formation. My favorite Bobby pins are the Sephora Collection Ombré Bobby Pin Ups. The pack includes four different shade variations of a particular color (8 of each color). With a design like this you’ll be the mane event.  

Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday & Stay Chic 😉

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