Monthly Marvels

Every year for my birthday, I would get a new piece of jewelry. It was always such an exciting experience; wondering if the piece would be earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet. What would it look like? Gold or silver? What kind of stone?   So naturally when I heard about the French creators of the monthly jewelry box, Emma & Chloe, I was ecstatic. 

(Photo courtesy of @emmachloe_us on Instagram )
Emma & Chloe was created 3 years ago in the city of light; Paris! And their baubles do just that- shine. For $35 a month you can get a box with a coveted piece ranging from $50-$200 sent to your home. As the largest designer jewelry box company in Europe, they offer a variety of trinkets and treasures.

(Photo courtesy of emmachloe_us on Instagram )

When your box arrives, inside is a jewlery bag with your piece of the month. It also includes a small card with the designer of your jewelry. Then, they also send a catalog with inspiration on how to style your piece, information about the piece, and a collectible postcard! 

What I liked about Emma & Chloe, was the variety of jewelry they include in the boxes. Each month the pieces were unique, and it really opened me up to newer companies and their backgrounds. The packaging was superb and the customer service was great. This is definitely a company I would give my business to.

If you’d like to Get your own bijoux box click HERE to go to their site! 

Use the promo code : XOMBROWN when you checkout to get 50% off your order.
Check out Emma & Chloe on social media! Click here for their Facebook & here for their Instagram! Their social media platforms are fabulous because they include articles, special contests (even to win free subscriptions), & more. 

Say bonjour to new bijoux each month with a Emma & Chloe! Trust me, you’lol love it. Stay chic 😉




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