Pretty in Pink

MAC released their Flamingo Park collection recently, and the well-known brand has gotten back raving reviews. Their newest assortment of cosmetic wonders is the epitome of a prismatic adventure; featuring nail polish, eyeshadow, lip lacquers, etc. in an array of rosy shades. With these products, MAC makes looking pretty in pink- a walk in the park; a flamingo park to be exact.


Candy coated and utterly sweet, the collections variety of hues appeals to many. From fierce fuschias to musky mauves and peppy peaches to rambunctious roses, no matter your skin tone or style, there is something for you. 

Below are our top picks from this colorful collection. Click here to find your own favorites.

Beauty Powder in Sunny Surprise $22.00

Nail Lacquer in Miami $12.00

Lipstick in Flocking Fabulous $17.00

Crémesheen Glass in Calypso Beat $20.00

This peppy pink assortment is perfect for the upcoming Spring/Summer ’16 season! Stay chic 😉




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