Beautiful & Built For You

 As a very tall person, during shopping trips I would frequently get tired and distressed from trying on outfit after outfit that just didn’t fit! Let’s all be real; what is made for a mannequin isn’t always made perfectly for you. Some of us are bigger and smaller in areas that mass produced clothing doesn’t fit. My days of painful shopping were over when I found out about this new custom skirt brand that makes clothing just for you. Rita and Phill focuses on making skirts that are tailored to fit your personal measurements. All they need is your waist, hip, & height measurements and viola! 

Inspired by the main characters in the 1993 movie “Groundhog Day”, their goal is to break you out of your “Groundhog Day closet” and get you out of the loop of accepting and buying clothes that don’t really fit you. No matter how unique you are, they believe you should never settle for less. 

The skirt I chose was the Claudia Skirt. I liked how the design was a classic pencil skirt, yet the leather detailing and slight slit gave it an edge. Due to the fact that it is black, I can wear it with an assortment of tops and I don’t have to worry because it pairs well with everything.  The color and cut makes my waist look slimmer which is  a definite plus! A nice tailored skirt is a style staple that every woman should have in her closet whether it is for wearing to special occasions, work meetings, or even a date. 

When I received my skirt the tailoring job was exquisite and you could tell that a lot of love went into the production of it. The authenticity of the brand shone throughout the skirt and I am very satisfied with the skirt as a whole. 


If you want to get your own custom skirt head over to Rita and Phill and use the promo code 

CustomSkirt573 for 30% off your order!

Say goodbye to machine made unflattering clothing and say hello to the future of fashion!

Stay chic 😉




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