Topshop Gets Klossy

Topshop just recently announced and released their campaign with supermodel Karlie Kloss. In the interview, Kloss discusses her love for coding, role as an entrepreneur, and some words of motivation for others. Topshop also compiled an edit of their newest season pieces inspired by her. Below are some of the works included in the edit and some of the key points made by Karlie.


photo from
It’s been 8 years since her first Topshop campaign, and the model has surely racked up credentials and tips worth sharing about. 

When asked about her love for coding she told them that,”It’s the language of the future. I think it’s incredibly important for girls to learn how to code.” Which is also the reason that Kloss started her own scholarship program called Kode with Karlie, which helps 21 girls from 11 different states across America learn the ropes of software engineering and take full-time courses. 


photo from @karliekloss on Instagram
Kloss doesn’t just wear track suits for campaign ads. When asked about her training regime she said,”I used to hate running. So to get over that I started training for a half marathon!” 


photo from @karliekloss on Instagram

In a very down-to-earth manner Kloss simply told readers,”If you want to be successful, just dive in…” And it’s definitely helped her!

Here are some of the pieces from the edit to help you channel your inner Karlie Kloss and be a more stylish you this year:

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Stay chic 😉




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