Clean Sweep

Detoxing is not only good internally, but also externally! And as we get used to our 2016 routine, it’s good to get rid of the old and welcome the new. Today’s article is about organizing your wardrobe and refreshing your space. Read on for some tips…

Stick to the basics:

Keep pieces of clothing that go with anything and can be worn in almost every situation. This way you are investing in stuff that will last you a million outfits and you’ll get your money’s worth. All you have to do is accessorize to convey your personal style and viola!


Toss out one-hit-wonders:

Any pieces that were big back in the day and have busy prints or a bold structure, are good to get rid of because they are taking up precious space that could be used for clothes you are actually going to wear. This of course is the case unless you have a coveted vintage item that you wear regularly.


Stack or Hang it on a rack:

Hanging your clothes on a rack will save space and reduce wrinkles. These aren’t only good for clothes; try using a travel foldout cosmetics case to organize your beauty supplies too.

Uniform = clean:

Using the same hangers facing the same way automatically appears more organized to the eye. 

Pack it:

By using storage boxes you can easily keep all of your things neat and labeled. As a perk you can also stack them to save space.


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