Flash Dance

  Depending on where you are on the globe, you might have already shouted “Happy New Year!” and celebrated with festivities. But back where I am, we are still anxiously counting down and preparing for the year to come. Speaking of parties…the biggest question on our minds are what to wear!  Below are some opulent options for you to try, so read on.

When dressing for New Years there is one key word to keep in mind- sequins. If there is one thing that this annual holiday is known for it would be its shine! No matter your shape or size their is a great way for you to integrate a bit of sparkle into your typical evening look. 

Try this top with its partner in crime, a matching silver pencil skirt, or stick to the basics and go with a black bottom piece. 


Although the weather is a bit wacky, if you are celebrating in a warmer state try these cute shorts that add just the right dose of shimmer.


For an easy outfit stick to a statement dress that’ll start conversations all the way until the ball drops. 

Best of luck for the New Year everybody! Stay Chic 😉




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