Even though the weather forecast might not be ready for the upcoming holiday season, today’s post will have you prepared for any party it has in store! With this latest Winter 2015 trend you’ll be rocking around the tree with the most luxe look in town. What keeps you toasty & chic even when the weather is bleak? Velvet elevates any outfit, and when worn correctly, can look like a million dollars. Try adding a velvet jacket or top to your wardrobe (if you’re a bit hesitant with this fabulous fabric) or strut your stuff with some velvet heels. You can also incorporate this trend into your vanity. For velvety lips go to your makeup counter and shop for lip products labeled “matte”. I recommend Too Faced Melted (Matte) or if you’re an avid online shopper check out Colourpop Cosmetics‘ products. They have everything from liners to crayons to liquid lipstick, to create the perfect pout. Below are some pieces for inspiration.
 What’s your favorite way to wear velvet? Comment below!

Stay chic 😉




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