Primary Instincts

If you’ve ever taken an art class, you’d know that the primary colors are a crucial part of creativity, but this upcoming Spring/Summer season they are also becoming crucial to your closet.  Red, yellow, and blue, this week’s post will take you on a spin around the color wheel and tell you how to incorporate these hues for a stylish you. 


This spicy shade can energize any outfit. Also known as Fiesta, named as one of the top shades by Pantone for SS ’16, it’s  bold enough to wear to the gym or on the streets. 

(Bag; Givenchy & Sneakers; Gucci)


Walk on water with this cool yet aquatic hue. Snorkel Blue is perfect for a nautical night out on a marina or for sailing across the seas.

(Bag; Nancy Gonzalez & Heels; Miu Miu)


 Brighten up a Summer night with this fresh color that goes by the sweet name of Buttercup. Look like a goddess by wearing a flowy canary gown or stick to a simple sundress for a splendid Spring brunch.

(Clutch; Nancy Gonzalez & Heels; Dolce & Gabbana)

  ☆ STAY CHIC ☆ 


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