Pajama Party

We’ve all had those days, the ones where all you want to do is curl up in bed, watch Netflix, eat ice cream to no end, & most importantly- stay in your pajamas ALL DAY LONG. Up until now, wearing your fluffy cloud patterned pants in public was frowned upon (which still kind of is the case). With the new and chic trend of wearing linen sleepwear you can look stylish in the sheets and on the streets. 

Powdery, light, & airy pastels are the ideal color scheme you want to stick to when looking for the perfect pajama piece. The main color seen on runways has been light azure with red lining. Typically, moda mavens have been wearing flat shoes with this trend. Style your casual outfit with loose and carefree hair, almost as if you went to sleep with slick hair and have awoken with the perfect amount of bed head, giving you just enough volume. Below are some fashion icons who have snuggled up to this newest style.

[Photo credits to @chiaraferragni & The Fashion Medley]

That’s all for now fashionistas! Check in later this week for more & 

Stay Chic☆


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