Work to Wardrobe

Hello readers! Hopefully you’ve all made a smooth transition into Fall work and school, and if you haven’t started yet, then lucky you!  Speaking of work, today’s trend post isn’t particularly about fashion, it’s about work spaces. WeWork is co-working company within 4 different countries with over 15 locations worldwide that have office spaces for small businesses. They empower communities to grow economically while also providing gorgeous offices, discounts, and benefits to their members. Along with that, I will be sharing my own creative workspace in a little virtual tour…  

 My personal workspace where I blog, also doubles as a place where I can relax and keep my wardrobe full of inspiration for my fashion writing. The picture above is what my desk area looks like. I’ve got a clean white desk with multiple storage areas for pens, tools, and important papers. I also have a lot of drawing supplies on my desk because a part of my creative process for my blog, is sketching out my graphics/collages before I make them digitally. I also have a calendar hanging above my desk to keep my schedule organized. I prefer to use a dry erase calendar because it saves time and money, and is super easy to write down events and simply erase after each month.


Next is my wardrobe! Although I write about a lot of different types of clothing styles on my blog, I actually tend to dress very minimistically and dressy. You can usually find me wearing a pair of basic heels, a flowy black or white chiffon top, a good pair of denim jeans, a gold bracelet, and a leather bag. I love dressing classic with a twist. In my closet I have an upper shelf that I keep my shoes on, a rack where I hang up my apparel, a dresser below with other assorted clothing items, and a shelf where I keep my off-season bags (my in style ones are typically out on display in my studio).


My most favorite part of my workspace is my “TCBC” wall. The letters stand for the initials of my blog and are hung up in the middle of my entire wall with my sketches and collages of the month, hanging up around them. Whenever I am looking for a little inspiration I go to this wall and check out what trends I’ve found for the current season. I like to think of it as the “brain” of my blog. 😉

What inspires your creative workspace? Make sure to click here to check out WeWork and all of their gorgeous offices and opportunities! Some of their benefits include healthcare, gym memberships, discounts, & much more! Stay Chic 😉





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