Leather Weather

It’s Monday again… the day we all dread the most, but don’t fret my fashionistas because I have some chic threads to share with you that’ll have your spirits up in no time!

It’s time to ditch the hula skirt and put our work wear on! You might be getting ready to go back to the professional world or if you’re like me- school. Sadly our sunny days of lounging around and binge watching Netflix have come to an end, but look on the bright side- it’s going to be fall which means a whole new season of fashion! And this season there’s been sightings of a familiar trend; leather. Leather is a coveted category of style and can be used in a variety of ways, yet for Fall 2015 leather detailing is the most recent way to wear this all-star. By adding a bit of leather to a piece it elevates it to the perfect petite amount of coolness. Below are some examples of how you can incorporate this trend into your taste.


all apparel found online at http://www.net-a-porter.com

From the buttons of a coat to the lining of a vest or even fringe (also a start studded trend this upcoming season), you can add a bit of leather into your wardrobe! Stay Chic 😉





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