Friday Fancies #4


Happy Friday! This week has been more of a slow one for me, but I hope yours was wonderful. In the midst of boredom I decided to do a bit of boutique shopping and wanted to share with you some things I found that I particularly fancied as well.

1.) Pacsun Triangle Necklace; A while ago I bought a blouse that desperately needed a necklace to be paired with, but I couldn’t find anything. Finally I did! This lightweight & versatile piece of jewelry pairs well with a numerous amount of outfits I own and I simple enough to last for seasons to come.

2.) Kate Spade Chic Happens Notebook; As a writer, I am always jotting down notes & ideas so it’s crucial to have a good place to keep them all…and why not do it with chic style? The Kate Spade Stationary collection is to die for and includes good quality notebooks with witty words imprinted on their covers. 
3.) Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip Gloss; With my medium-colored skin tone it can be hard to find colored lip products that pair well it, so I usually go for a simple gloss that’ll accentuate my natural lip color. When I found this lip gloss in a shade called Raisin (a light coral pink) I fell in love! It looks great, smells fabulous, & is organic! Every time I swipe some on my lips it’s like I’ve simply put a sweet and gorgeous strawberry smoothie on them. 😉

4.) Kate Spade Polka Dot Tumbler; A tumbler cup is something every girl needs! I am always drinking chilly beverages on the go and I love how I can do so with a pretty cup. From Arnold Palmer to H2o, my drinks are always kept safe & stylish!

5.) Ciaté Nail Polish in Pepperminty; A minty teal hue is one that looks perfect on almost every skin tone, so when I saw this refreshing shade made by one of my favorite brands I immediately had to try it. It’s dries fast and delivers the ideal mani in a single swipe!

6.) Illume Demi Perfume Rollerball in Thai Lilly; Ever since I was 12 I’ve worn Chanel No5 perfume, but lately as the Summer season has arrived I’ve been looking for something more fit for the occasion. While at my local boutique, called Whimsicality, I saw these wonderful roller balls with lovely and cute packaging that instantly caught my eye. I tested a few and ended up buying a couple, although my favorite is shown above Thai Lilly. With notes of juicy mango and sweet Lilly it’s like I’ve walked into a tropical paradise.

So those are my picks of the week! Have you found anything you fancy? Comment! Stay Chic 😉




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