Arm Candy

Hello Fashionistas! It’s officially my summer break, and trust me- I couldn’t be happier! With some vacays and other activities in my itinerary for this sunny season, I’m going to be a busy bee! But when I’m in need of something and can’t hold it all at once I know that one style staple will be able to handle the job…a beach tote!
 Everybody has their different styles & preferences when shopping for a handbag of any kind, but I always keep these certain tips in mind:

•Will it last you?

•Is it logical for your purse needs?

•Can you picture yourself with this handbag?

Below I’ve put together a slideshow of some totes that match almost every style; sporty, classic, minimalistic, nautical, graphic, & bright! Check out our slideshow of each bag (and turn up your volume for some music to go along with it while watching too!)

 More to come soon! Stay Chic 😉




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