The New Classic

While plaid, dark hues, and suede are usually the front-runners for Fall’s top trends…this year those traditions spun in a whirlpool and have been replaced by a new accessory staple- pearls. Fresh out of the water, designers such as Givenchy, Oscar de la Renta, Bottega Veneta, & more are using these aquatic gems to dazzle their looks.

How this season’s cool aquatic treasure is heating up the runway…

No matter your personal style you can still incorporate this trend into any outfit. For a modern look, take inspiration from Jason Wu’s collection which showcases pearls with simplicity  and grace by placing them on classic gold bands. Or if you’re looking for a more preppy and chic appearance, try Dolce & Gabbana’s “Blair Waldorf” inspired pearl headbands.  Designers this season have shown that the possibilities are endless! 

So go out and get shopping! Stay Chic 😉




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