Cruisin’ into the Current

In the midst of this sunny season you might dream about going on a nice vacation; to the beach, the city, etc. but brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, & Dior have another thing in mind…going on a cruise! Yes that’s right, I’m here to talk to you about their ’16 Cruise collections and all of the wonderful looks that might just end up on your shopping list , so get ready to go on a vacay through fashion.


Held in the Golden State, the Louis Vuitton show included an eclectic mix of color, patterns, & texture in their looks. Snakeskin, sequins,…and leather? It may sound a bit overwhelming and unflattering but creative director of Louis Vuitton, Nicolas Ghesquière, was able to pull it off without a single flaw.

Bonjour! Despite usual tradition, this year Dior decided to hold their show in  the south of France instead of Los Angeles. The property it was held on belongs to Pierre Cardin, which was a large “clay-like” house with a peculiar design. But between the way the looks were executed it balanced out with the odd edifice, creating a playful and sweet ambiance.

Chanel’s show took place in Seoul, the location decorated as if it were Karl’s very own candy shop. The collection features some bright designs that reflected the company and some that celebrated the setting of the show, Korea. Each guest was whisked back to childhood by the fun venue, bright color scheme, & sweet confections.
Enjoy your day! Stay Chic 😉




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