Sporty, Chic, & Simply UNIQUE

I was dazzled with excitement when I watched and read about the new Topshop Unique Campaign ! This Spring/Summer collection features a look that works for anyone- sporty, retro, yet fun! Topshop has taken sporty silhouettes and mixed them with a feminine touch by sticking to bold primary colors and stripes, but making the pieces themselves more fitted. The show itself was so enjoyable to watch because of the wicked music choice and of course- the fashion! With pleats and frilly accents, the outfits make you want to go for a rendezvous to the British seaside. And what better way to finish off the looks with a classic rouge lip? Inspired by the Velodrome, this gold medal worthy fashion will have you cycling all the way to the nearest Topshop. Stay chic 😉


(Photo Above Courtesy of Topshop)



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