Beauty from the Best


Sephora is now selling Giorgio Armani beauty products! With an array of fabulous cosmetic formulas and stunning shades, you can get a star-studded runway look! Here are some of our top picks from the new collection:


1.) Black Ecstasy Mascara : I love this because it is lightweight, yet it gets the job done! This mascara curls, lengthens, & adds volume to your lashes.


2.) Rouge Ecstasy Express Moisture Rich Lipcolor : Every girl needs a great tube of lipstick! I especially like this new one because it’s long-lasting but still velvety soft. In the past, whenever I try long-lasting products they always tend to be drying or lack luster. The wonderful thing about this lipstick is that it’s actually formulated to repair your lips! I will definitely be buying multiple shades of this!


3.) Eyes to Kill 4 Color Eyeshadow Palette : I am not a big eyeshadow fan but I actually really love this one! The simple and compacted packaging is one of my favorite features and I like how all of the shades are nice and natural looking for each eye color.

There you have it! Maybe I’ll see some of you guys at Sephora! 😉 Stay chic 😉



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