A Dash of Denim

With Fall coming up and jeans being all the rage, you might be a bit confused about what & what not to wear! But don’t fret my friends, because below is the ultimate denim style guide for Fall 2014.


1.Dress with Flare: This season, go for a simple jean with character. Three words- Shape, color, and fit. A classic pair of bootcut or flare is the key to this season’s pants. Light wash is also an ideal factor for the “minimalist” upcoming trend.

2.All Bundled Up: As the weather gets chilly, you are bound to go on the hunt for a new Fall coat. While blue is the newest color of the season and denim is it’s partner in crime, why not trade in your old jean jacket for one with a wool lining- the perfect mash-up of comfy and cute.

3.Spiked Style: Everybody loves a good classic worn jean jacket, but if you have an edgier style it might be difficult to find the right pieces. Try a jacket with subtle spikes, to help balance the denim trend and your rocker attitude without the typical rips and other features of your style’s signature clothing classification.

4. We Like Chic Booties & We Cannot Lie!: Booties, as in the small ankle boots, are a closet staple for this season. A pair of classic black, make the ultimate marriage with a simple pair of jeans. As a bonus, they’ll keep your feet nice and warn too!

5. Not Your Typical Ugly Vest: Ever had the dreadful holiday gift of one of your relative’s sweater vests? Don’t fret my friends, this season there is a new kid on the block. Denim vests are wonderful for layering clothes and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. This piece will last you the full fashionable 365 days.

Stay chic! 🙂


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