IT Girls on The Edit

Today we are obsessing over the newest edition of Net-A-Porter’s “The Edit”. On their cover this week are two renowned women in the fashion world; Alexa Chung & Poppy Delevingne.


In an interview with Jennifer Dickinson, the editor of The Edit, the girls talk about friendship- something that Chung and Delevingne have very much in common. The British model and fellow British fashion icon, have been friends for 10 years, which in her article, Dickinson explains that it was easy to tell,”…the conversation shorthand between the pair of them so well-worn that an eyebrow quirk replaces the need for words…”

Besides the wise words from the pair of friends, they were also sporting a theme of apparel that we particularly liked- road trip. No not the tourist version of road trip (baseball cap, backpack and all)…instead the light, care free, and glorious style (almost like Chung and Delevingne’ s friendship). Our favorite piece from the shoot, was a white dress by Chloe, worn by Chung (shown below).


Below is the link to a video of the two conversing over the topic of a road trip (a fun little quirk to the interview from The Edit):

Poppy says in her essay included in The Edit,“Good friendship can make your heart light, it can make you feel giddy, it can make you feel like when you fall in love.”


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