Life Lately!

Ciao! So I am starting to make this a more personal blog (partially because I got a new phone & I feel like my writing might improve). I am graduating tomorrow and will be posting like crazy for summer! Here are some things that are on my list for today:


I am constantly taking pictures of flowers and nature, the red flower is one I took in my front yard that I absolutely love! The Aspen collection for Chanel is next on my list, I am a huge fan of this brand, and can’t wait to order some new things for my closet.

Next on my list is Polyvore; I have had one for a while and am finally using it! I love how it keeps me so connected with trends 🙂

The pic in the middle is me! This is one of my very first selfies, and I am completely natural (curly hair and all) it was taken poolside. Shoes! They are my new summer obsession and you should expect some more posts on that topic.

The dog picture is my white boxer, Willow, I love this dramatic shot of her. Iggy Azalea is a newer artist I have added to my summer playlist, I am really loving her most recent hits.

Please let me know what you think, and stay posted for more fashion, cosmetic, and shopping news! Stay chic 🙂



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