Coachella 2014

Hipster, indie, music, & fashion- pretty much sums up Coachella 2014. Full of celebrities and upcoming trends, Coachella is the ultimate melting pot for summer style! Here are our top picks for this festival inspired by its fun and care free trends and fashion. Stay chic 🙂


1. Fringe Fest- We have spotted multiple celebrities sporting this fun trend! It takes any regular t shirt to a whole new level with a simple snip of your scissors!

( shirt below»»»
2. Sandals- The flip flop’ s hot cousin is back this season, and has taken a boho spin! Any color, pattern, texture,- have fun with shopping for your sandals!

(shoes below »»»
3. Denim- Vests, jackets, high waisted shorts; it’s all in! Whether it’s denim on denim or rough around the edges, you can take a classic denim piece and DIY it by adding lace embellishments to make it your own. Be creative!

(Denim vest below»»»
4. Round Sunglasses- Whenever Summer comes around, the sunglass’s trends start to come up, and this year at Coachella we have spotted quite a few pairs of these gorgeous round shade glasses! Our favorite pair was seen on Taylor Swift and we are in love with them!
5. High Waisted shorts- As the shirts seem to get shorter, the shorts seem to get higher! High waisted shorts are a fun and cute way to spruce up a boring outfit. Choose a pair for your style! Rough, faded, sophisticated- rock the warm weather with this season’s IT pants.
6. Rosy Colored Makeup- While staying in the sun at a music festival and tanning, everyone dreams of that natural glow. This season, everyone was sporting the rosy trend; blush, soft pink lipstick, & even some eye shadow! Above is our favorite rosy tinted lip treatment (and it smells like lemons too!) Sugar Rosé by Fresh.



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