Color Crush of the Month – Blush

I was overly ecstatic when the sun came out and my spring break is in only a week! The only thing is that I have a major dilemma- spring holidays are coming up and I have nothing to wear! When searching for the perfect outfit, I look for the usual colors and patterns, but I spotted a trend in the color scheme…pale pink blush! I am a personal fan of pink, but what I loved most about this gorgeous shade is that it’s pale color  gives it that feminine and sophisticated look, not a girly “pink tutu” one. The best thing about this shade is that it looks good on everything this season, nail polish, lip products, clothing, & accessories. So cheers to spring holidays and our color of the month, Blush! Stay chic 🙂




One thought on “Color Crush of the Month – Blush

  1. ADORE those shades if nude and pale pink. We are going into winter, i have my eye on a blush coat. Nice postx


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