Some background info of my blog and I :)

Hi! So as you guys may know, I am totally obsessed with fashion and stuff. Here are some fun facts about me and my blog 🙂

1. I am young (sorry age doesn’t matter plus if I told you It would be kind of shocking), this is my first blog and I hope you like it!

2. I am obsessed with French bulldogs, chai tea, & paninis!

3. My favorite color is pink, but for clothing it is navy blue

4. I am 5’10, sadly no heels for moi 😦

5. I love to chat with people and meet new people!

6. This blog was created in July when a family friend let me know about WordPress and encouraged me to start blogging (thanks!)

7. I have a lipstick fetish, I buy it like the world is gonna end

8. I only blog with pictures from the internet because I am a beginner at photography, and love to write and share my advice, I prefer to be in front if the camera 🙂

9. I am addicted to my email! I am always checking it to see the latest buzz

10. I am not a full-time blogger but someday hope to be working in the fashion buissness!

Here are some fun pics to share with you guys!






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