M’s new find

I have blogged about Josie Maran products before and talked about their Aryan oil products, etc. I have noticed that they are releasing more and more lip products. Now you can have the treatment and gorgeous color for your lips! I have brought to you today one of my new makeup obsessions. The Josie Maran lipstick  has color in the middle and a gel-like formula around the center that helps moisturize your lips. This easy to glide on lip stick is a perfect gift or stocking stuffer and is perfect to wear to holiday parties in this cold weather. Trust me it’s the best of both worlds 🙂









2 thoughts on “M’s new find

    1. Hi I am not sure, my blog is made in the USA so all that I find is online in America. They are from Sephora and that line of stores has them all over the world so I am sure that you should find it. I am sorry I didn’t reply to you sooner! Life can be crazy at times! Happy holidays and I hope you can find the products there, let me know if so.


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