top 3 marvelous masks

I always have trouble finding the best face masks, a) so they wont make my face breakout, b) to get rid of oily skin, and c) to leave my face feeling refreshed and not taught. the biggest issue i have is when it smells absolutely revolting, and i want to get it off my face as soon as possible! So to save you time,( and possibly money) i have chosen my three favorite face masks, and my famous face mask recipe ( if your skin is sensitive)!

1. Fresh rose face mask Image

2. Korres Greek yogurt face maskImage

3. Lush Oatifix face mask Image



M’s Fave Face mask recipe:

(note: amount of each ingredient is not listed because everybody’s skin is different)

1. plain Greek yogurt

2. lemon juice

3. oats

4. mashed bannanas

mix in a blender or bowl, and apply to face. after 5-10 min. remove with warm water.




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