M’s new finds

So I am a big Sephora shopper, and I obsessively check my email everyday from the many stores I get them from, but today I have ordered something new from them. One of my fellow blogging friends recommended eyelash curlers for me. My first response was,”Wait don’t those pulled off your eyelashes and pinch your face?!”
But she showed me the steps and now I am a total pro. My new find is Sephora Collection eyelash curlers. I love the fact that they have different colors so I decided to get them in my fave, pink. They actually come with two extra rubber things so it doesn’t cut off your lashes–thankfully! And I love sephora because you always get to choose three mini samples. This time I actually got three extra too! One of them happened to be Philosophy’ s living grace. I normally use CHANEL no 5, but congrats to Philosophy! Their perfume was so light and sweet. I will totally be ordering that next.


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