cents and sensibility

I personally have a shopping addiction, so when I do I normally shop for high end stuff. But I have found some other great products that are just as great as the expensive stuff. So I wanted to share some of these great finds with you!

Cost effective: Almay one coat triple effect
-doesn’t rub off or smear
-has a great consistency
-smart brush design helps reach every lash

Higher end product: Clinique lash doubling mascara
-light feel leaves lashes feeling as if no mascara at all
– packed with great ingredients healthy for sensitive skin
– the bottle has lots , mascara that lasts you for a while
Note:I have tried many mascara and both are very good, but I prefer Clinique personally

Lip color:
Cost effective: Mayebelline color whisper
-light color that lasts long
-smooth texture
-nourishes lips

Higher end product: Fresh sugar lip treatment
-smells great (like lemon because of lemon ingredients)
-great for sensitive skin
-perfect color variety

Nail polish
Cost effective: Sinful colors
-so many colors!!!
-great consistency
– has little odor
Higher end: Butter London
-no odor
-dries fast
-nice calm colors

I hope these tips are helpful!


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